Large Garage Commercial Dehumidifier with Built in Pump

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507E Commercial dehumidifier is suitable for greenhouses, laundry shops, warehouses etc., the daily dehumidification can reach 110 pints. It has a large 5.5 liter water tank.


  • Large Garage Commercial Dehumidifier with Built in Pump
  • Large Garage Commercial Dehumidifier with Built in Pump
  • Large Garage Commercial Dehumidifier with Built in Pump

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Smart dehumidifier

507E dehumidifier works for up to 24 hours continually. when the water is full, it will prompt. You can set the desired humidity level on the electronic control panel (Humidity setting 20%-90%).




Working principle

Damp air pumped into themachine by the fan, throughthe interaction of refrigerationsystem evaporatorrefrigeration. The evaporatorcools to create a temperaturedifference, condensing thewater molecules of the moistair anddrain them outProduce dry air ceaselessly,than circulation makes indoorhumidity reduces, the spaceachieves dry and cooleffect gradually.

dehumidifier with drain
automatic dehumidifier

Applicable scene

Dehumidifiers can be used in warehouses, basements, libraries and other public places, which can effectively reduce the humidity in the air.

large capacity dehumidifier
cabinet dehumidifier
Dehumidifying Capacity
85Pints/Day @80°F, 60%RH / 40L/Day (27℃, 60%RH)
Dehumidifying Capacity
150Pints/Day @86°F, 80%RH / 70L/Day (30℃, 80%RH)
Supply Voltage
115VAC, 60Hz / AC220V-240V/50Hz
Power Consumption & Current
680W, 6.0A @80°F, 60%RH / 730W, 3.3A (27℃, 60%RH)
Power Consumption & Current
845W, 7.2A @86°F, 80%RH / 860W, 3.9A (30℃, 80%RH)
Air Circulation
Water Tank
Scope of Application
60~100㎡(646~1076 sq. ft)
Body Dimension (D x W x H)
587 x 440 x 867.5mm(23.1" x 17.3" x 34.1")
Net Weight
38kg / 83.6lbs
Loading Quantity(20'/40/40'HQ)


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